What People Are Saying

“Many studios offer opportunities for students, but few deliver the complete experience that your studio offers. It is obvious that the owners and instructors love what they do and are dedicated to teaching the love of performance to children.”

-Patricia Stratton

“I wanted to let you know how great the summer camp was for my daughter. I had been worried that because her twin brother is so verbal and really has always spoken for her, she’d get lost. I was nervous that her limited vocabulary would be a challenge in a strong group setting. As I watched her perform with TOTAL confidence and pride I just cried and was so grateful. Turned out the class is EXACTLY what she needed to discover her own voice. So thank you.We’ll be back!”

-Kelly Scanlon


“As a parent, I find that in this day and time a successful children’s program has three important qualities–fun, love, and safety. It has all three–truly a triple threat program!”

-Alice Chin


“Rena and Renee were honestly the first directors I ever had who had complete faith in my ability and pushed me to be the best performer I could be. If it weren’t for them, I honestly do not believe that I would be pursuing musical theatre now, and I just cannot thank them enough for that. Their guidance and support has made me work harder and push harder and want to be even more than I thought I could ever be, and for that, I am forever in their debt. I honestly credit those two ladies for giving me that first push in the right direction, and now I’m getting into programs like the one at Emerson College, and it’s just mind-blowing that this is actually happening and my dreams are actually coming true, and Rena and Renee are such a big part of that.”

-Hayley Mason
(student 2008-2010)


“Gyana is having such a great time in class already!! I love to hear her singing and practicing her new techniques. You all do such a wonderful job getting the kids excited about the music and the art of performance. Thank you.”

-Ronda Armijo-Wright


“Training with the Academy has helped me tremendously in my endeavors to be an actor, singer an dancer. They have shown me the proper way to put together a resume and headshot for my auditions. Also, having experience in the theatre community themselves prepared me for auditions, how to sing and dance (and do both at the same time) and create a fully rounded character for myself to act on on stage. I credit lots of my success to the team (Rena, Renee, Joe and Maggie) and I enjoy the fun, informative and smooth-running company they have created.”

– Spencer Purdy
(student 2010 to 2013)


“This program has allowed our daughter with the opportunities to learn about the many facets of theatre from technical skills to acting on stage. My daughter, Morgan Morris, would never have had such an opportunity to experience and fall in love with theatre if it weren’t for Renee and Rena’s program.”

-Kristy Cunha ME Ed.